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Individuals to provide quality original equity investment

February 15, 2012, the trading center of Shanghai equity hosting, approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government established vested the supervision of the Shanghai Financial Services Office.
The Centre is committed to achieve docking with the supervision of the securities market of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, in addition to provide targeted capital for listed companies, restructuring mergers and acquisitions, the transfer of shares, the value of mining, marketing, publicity and other services, also made efforts to turn the motherboard, small plates listed companies listed on the GEM Listing and three new board play nurturing, counseling and role. 30 listed companies

The center actively play shares trading center, resource gathering center, listed incubator center, financial center of innovation ".


Wuhan equity managed trading center is approved by the People''''s Government of Hubei Province (Hubei governance [2011] 174), was established in September 2011, the main promoters by the Wuhan Optical Valley United Assets and Equity Exchange Limited, Hubei Province, macro-owned operating company in Thailand Hubei Provincial Science and Technology investment Group Co., Ltd. and other units jointly established the non-listed companies managed transactions, a total of 21 listed companies, settled on the location of the "China Optical Valley" - Wuhan Donghu new Technology Development Zone.

The center established process simple, strict management, standardized operation and controllable risk non-listed companies managed trading system, to build two-way information exchange platform for aggregation of investment and financing, venture capital retreat channels, enhanced equity liquidity of non-listed companies in the region, promote SME financing capabilities, to promote the rapid development of SMEs, the service of the regional financial center and Hubei leapfrog economic and social development.