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With the continuous development of China''s economy, the country has a certain number of companies listed on overseas stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange trading, more and more domestic enterprises have begun to consider the overseas listed as financing and going abroadan effective means for the market.
Now, the New York Stock Exchange has gradually become the main base for China''s state-owned enterprises to attract international investors, especially institutional investors and private investors to participate in the trading of its stock. Transactions listed here, to ensure that the international liquidity of the stock of China''s listed companies.
In the last few years, a total of hundreds of Chinese companies successfully listed in foreign financial institutions, including Sinopec, China Telecom, China Eastern Airlines, China Unicom, China Southern Airlines, China Mobile, etc.. Domestic entrepreneurial sector have more than 100.

U.S. private economy to GDP ratio of 90%, while the private economy in China only accounted for 50% of GDP, China''s capital market development space.