Private capital into the financial sector
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Private capital into the financial sector

Recently, the establishment of a comprehensive financial reform pilot area in Wenzhou has caused widespread concern, for a time, all the analysis and speculation surfaced, said Foreign media analysis, Wenzhou financial reform indicates that China''''s monetary policy will be relaxed, the money supply The emergence 暖春. In this regard, the experts put forward different views, Wenzhou financial reform and monetary policy are two different things, the "Wenzhou reform" will not result in the money supply floodgates.

To break the monopoly to make an inventory of private capital

For the "Wenzhou financial reform" and "monetary policy easing," these two concepts, the experts believe that they belong to different levels. NDRC Investment Institute "to promote the development of the private financial health" group leader KERNEL pointed out in an interview with this reporter, the monetary policy is based on the macro-control policy, focused on the total amount of short-term policy adjustment camera; Wenzhou financial reform is to try to solve the deep-seated problems in the financial sector reform pilot policy, the foothold focusing on medium-and long-term "structural adjustment", is gradually breaking down on the supply of money supply and flow of state-owned monopoly.

Break the financial industry, the state-owned capital monopoly, lowered the threshold of private capital into the financial field, recently most of the recommendations on financial sector reform. The Wenzhou financial reform, an important goal is to solve the problem, to break the monopoly to make an inventory of private capital. Premier Wen Jiabao has expressed private capital into the financial sector is to break the monopoly, Wenzhou pilot some successful experience to promote the country.

KERNEL Wenzhou financial reform on the one hand to crack a long time private enterprise, SME financing difficulties "problem, on the other hand also helps to promote private finance incremental reform of state-owned stock of financial sector reform. "Release" due to the current financial structure of the pattern, the monetary policy, the more benefit the state sector, "revenue", the private small and medium enterprises is even "worse". At the same time, the private lending localized risk will also increase. The purpose of the "Wenzhou reform" in fact, is to let the private finance more efficiently and more safely serve the financing needs of the development of private enterprises greater access to space, which will be opened up for private capital.