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Wuhan equity managed trading center

Wuhan equity managed trading center is approved by the People''s Government of Hubei Province (Hubei governance [2011] 174), was established in September 2011, the main promoters by the Wuhan Optical Valley United Assets and Equity Exchange Limited, Hubei Province, macro-owned operating company in ThailandHubei Provincial Science and Technology investment Group Co., Ltd. and other units jointly established the non-listed company share custody of transactions of listed companies is 21, nearly 60 million of the total amount of financing, settled in the location of the "China Optical Valley - Wuhan East Lake new Technology Development Zone.

The center established process simple, strict management, standardized operation and controllable risk non-listed companies managed trading system, to build two-way information exchange platform for aggregation of investment and financing, venture capital retreat channels, enhanced equity liquidity of non-listed companies in the region, promote SME financing capabilities, to promote the rapid development of SMEs, the service of the regional financial center and Hubei leapfrog economic and social development.