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The direction of the development of private capital in Wenzhou
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The direction of the development of private capital in Wenzhou

Premier Wen Jiabao has said, is to break the monopoly of private capital into the financial sector, the successful experience of Wenzhou pilot across the country. Wen Jiabao said the few we bank in a monopoly position, "too easy to make a profit", the central unity of thinking to break the bank monopoly.
The PD International: directorate said too easy for banks to make money, you want to break the bank monopoly, more than 3,800 banks cry find the North, three barrels of oil in the next watch snicker; PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC glad did not say their own monopoly four communications provider contempt laugh; Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Satcom leadership did not say their own monopoly alone in this one branch stores of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Chief tobacco companies laugh! Did not say a monopoly!
Wind Italy flying: Recently, the relevant bank monopoly said loud and clear, quite puzzled. As far as I and other areas where intensive financial institutions, fiercely competitive! Even individual financial institutions, high interest Lanchu illegal operation, how can monopolize a say? Why do not speak other real monopoly industries, compared to two barrels of oil, I believe that they are more closely related to our life!
Li Mu planning: to break the bank monopoly, a group of underground financing through bank transfer risks, the operator your joy. Past underground financing earn risk-taking, now openly the justifiably operation.
The old onion Twitter: banks the monopoly really can not agree with banking profit scientific management and the Chinese economy in the past few years in uplink interval together. Once the economic downturn, bad debts have begun to emerge bank points accumulated in the past few years, inevitably exhausted, looking back to the past, when the bank is not without loss. Put private come in can, but must stand bankruptcy law. Can not be a problem considering stability and Shi hand rescue.
Soton straw: Well said! Banking monopoly not break you can not solve the problem of financing of SMEs, SMEs lack of financial resources to the vitality of the private economy is always frustrated, accounting for a large proportion of the private economy sluggish then the Chinese economy hardly.
Zhao Neo: study bank monopoly before, please look into the issue of monopoly chant train civilian gasoline, domestic water, natural gas, public electricity?
StriveL: carefully read the conversation of some economists and article. In fact, the bank monopoly that is a false proposition, because there are more than 3,800 banks across the country, where monopoly. Five rows occupy nearly half of the market, profits are surprisingly high, but most of this comes from the interest rate controls, but that of any one bank are the same! In fact, as long as the interest rate market, the state-controlled banks and joint-stock banks, city commercial agricultural businesses fully competitive!
Small New: 2011 latest report shows that the net profit of more than 670 billion yuan of five state-owned banks. The Orient Securities senior analyst of the banking sector, the main source of the high profits of the bank deposit and loan interest income, accounted for 80% of the banks total operating income margins generally. Overall tightening of monetary policy last year, difficult financing, financing your achievements high growth in bank profits.
Guo Tian Yong: weekend a bunch of private bosses pulled the outskirts of the meeting, they want to set up a bank. I said, the central financial work conference for private capital into the financial industry has brought a new opportunity, but high spirits and I am afraid that with the demonstration effect of the profitability of the banking sector. In order to dispel the concerns of the regulatory agencies, I hope you do not have a speculative mentality, actually able to keep the bank as a business to do, and a down-to-earth to do the preparatory work.
Chen Shao Xu: The essence of the banking monopoly issues: lack of bank capital needs of public funding. The lack of financial funds and sell shares make up. Resolve the private capital to invest. Do not make money in the industry who will buy?
The China Road: Central unity of thinking to break the bank monopoly. The stock market is not a good news, the bank is to rely on the monopoly to be the world''''''''s first deposit and lending, have earned the bright Annual Report embarrassed. The bank lost the monopoly is bound to the performance decline, investors sad days.
Li Jun, the first: Elect important segment selection is also very important, some plates can not do more, do more stocks of these plates, I feel very bad. Such as the banking sector, insurance sector, iron and steel sector, the transport and logistics sector, the transport infrastructure sector, water, gas and plates, paper and printing plates, oil and petrochemical sector, etc., the stocks of these plates, large probability is not running to win the broader market, good luck just about the same with the broader market gains.