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 Company headquarters is located in the city of shenzhen luohu district shennan east road no. 2001 HongChang plaza, room 2703by an elite team of industry professionals with innovative business models through online and offline service platform for SMEs and investment services worldwide customers, helping global SMEs the global financial capital operations, the development of SMEs in solving difficulties encountered.
Companies not only have a team of professional marketing management services help oversee business development and safeguard the interests of investors and customers, the company also provides clients with global investment institutions to provide financial services to various countries of high quality original stake legal services to investors and customers benefit from it.
The company has a set of systematic professional team of commercial operation of global financial integration of resources and operations. From 2013 the company began to expand nationwide financial alliance pathway construction, starting with the Asian countries, China began to establish various financial investment services, the integration of high-quality resources of each country on the same platform and common development, to create the world''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s financial capital alliance pathway, better serve global customers to achieve win-win situation of SMEs and investment in development, the company has direct investments sunrise industry, allowing customers to benefit from investment, and jointly create a better tomorrow.